Tying the knot sustainably

In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, more couples are choosing to make their wedding day not only a celebration of love but also a commitment to the planet. Enter the era of sustainable weddings, where “green” is the new white!

The concept of a sustainable wedding revolves around minimising the environmental impact while still creating a beautiful, memorable, and meaningful event.

Selecting the right venue plays a pivotal role in a sustainable wedding. Outdoor settings like gardens, historical landmarks or even your family home not only offer stunning backdrops but also minimise the need for excessive decorations. 

Are marquee weddings a sustainable option?

A marquee is a versatile and eco-friendly option that aligns perfectly with the principles of a green wedding by offering an elegant and adaptable venue for couples to design their dream wedding, while minimising the environmental impact. 

Choosing to have your wedding in a marquee close to home can significantly contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. By hosting your celebration nearby, you minimise the need for long-distance travel for both you and your guests, cutting down on transportation emissions. You could provide group transportation to reduce the number of cars on the road or even cycle from the ceremony to the reception!

Additionally, selecting a local venue supports the community and reduces the environmental impact associated with transporting goods and services over large distances. All of our marquees are made here in Yorkshire so they haven’t had to travel far to get to you! 

Compared to traditional indoor venues, marquees have a smaller ecological footprint. They offer an opportunity to harness natural light, reducing the need for excessive artificial lighting during the daytime. LED fairy lights are the ideal choice for a marquee, effortlessly transitioning from day to night with their low energy consumption and enchanting glow.

Employing natural ventilation strategies such as rolling walls up based on the temperature on the day and integrating external greenery enable you craft a space that harmonises with the outdoors, minimising the need for high energy air conditioning.  


Sustainable flooring options

Flooring choices play a significant role in the environmental footprint of marquee weddings. Traditional hard flooring options require substantial transportation efforts and are typically adorned with single-use event carpet, contributing to waste accumulation. However, we take a more sustainable approach with reusable matting that undergoes thorough washing between uses, minimising waste generation. Couples aiming for eco-conscious weddings could explore alternatives such as hosting events directly on lawns, eliminating the need for flooring altogether. Pathways can be created without matting, opting instead for charming mown paths meandering through wildflower-strewn landscapes, enhancing the natural beauty of the venue while reducing environmental impact.


Creating a greener marquee wedding also involves mindful choices such as incorporating reusable or locally sourced décor items. Embracing the charm of the locale, couples can opt for locally sourced wildflowers suspended on flower rings, infusing the venue with natural beauty while reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Additionally, avoiding single-use plastics further lessens environmental impact, promoting sustainability throughout the event. As an alternative to traditional wedding favours, which are often left uneaten and contribute to waste (with 37% going to waste), couples could opt for sustainable options that can serve as keepsakes and memories of the special day.

“Most flowers used in Western Europe are grown in Kenya, Colombia, Vietnam and Ecuador.”

We take pride in our flexible approach, so whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, we’ll work closely with you to customise the perfect space, ensuring that your event feels unique and tailored just for you. We’re also working hard to get our B Corp certification so if you’re looking for suppliers who have sustainability front of mind then look no further.

Check our our blog on planning the ultimate marquee wedding here, or if you would like us to cost a marquee wedding for you with all your finishing touches choices, then please do get in touch, we love chatting about all things weddings and are ready and waiting to put together a 3D layout and proposal just for you.

Images: Joe Dodsworth, Becki Dakin.

Sources: 77 Diamonds, Ethical Unicorn. 

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