How to choose your marquee wedding tables

A marquee wedding offers a unique space that can be tailored to fit your dream celebration. One of the most important elements in creating the perfect atmosphere is choosing the right dining tables. The tables set the stage for your guests’ experience, from the flow of conversation to the overall aesthetic. Here’s how to choose the best dining tables for your marquee party.

Understand your space

Before you start thinking about styles and designs, it’s crucial to understand the dimensions and layout of your marquee. We can help you here with our 3D layouts to visulaise the space, your table options to see which ones you prefer and ensure there is enough space between tables and the other elements in the marquee of course, we can make sure you have the correct number of tables! 

Choosing the right shape

Dining tables come in various shapes, and each brings a different dynamic to your event:

Round tables

A classic choice for elegant and intimate gatherings. They can create a warm and inclusive atmosphere, encouraging conversations while allowing everyone to have a clear view of the marquee. They also offer a degree of flexibility for a seating plan as you can have different size round tables to accommodate a particular seating plan or add or remove a number of guests, without spoiling the overall look.

Top Tip: Round tables are more forgiving on uneven ground and can be spun on the spot until you find the best position.

The details

Round tables come in various sizes: 

6ft – Seats between 10-12, we recommend a tablecloth of 130” to just touch the floor

5ft6 – Seats between 8-10, we recommend a tablecloth of 120” to just touch the floor

5ft – Seats between 6-8, we recommend a tablecloth of 120” to just touch the floor

4ft – Seats between 5-7, we recommend a tablecloth of 110” to just touch the floor

3ft – Seats between 2-4, we recommend a tablecloth of 90” to just touch the floor. This size is often used as a traditional wedding cake table

All of the round tables we supply stand at 30” from the ground. All round tables require a tablecloth.

Rectangular tables

Great for maximising space and can be arranged in various configurations. They are versatile to give both a formal look when used with table cloths or more casual with the rustic wooden table top design.

The marquee can be configured with multiple rows of trestle tables, creating a practical and spacious seating arrangement. This layout promotes social interaction and encourages guests to mingle. Also great if you have sharing boards, but make sure you go for the wider 3ft trestles for additional space!

Top Tip: For larger weddings make sure you add a break in the row for the caterers to move around more easily.

The details

Trestle tables come in various sizes/finishes:

Standard 6ft x 3ft plywood top – seats 3 guests on each side, so 6 per table.

Rustic 6ft x 3ft wooden top – seats 3 guests on each side, so 6 per table.

Note: You can seat another two guests on each end if necessary on the 3ft wide trestle tables, although it can be a bit of a squeeze with the table settings and glassware, so we only recommend it if space in the marquee was limited or the guest was a child’s place or highchair.

Standard 6ft x 2ft6” plywood top – seats 3 guests on each side, so 6 per table.

We recommend a 90″ x144′ table cloth for these 6ft trestle tables.

All of the trestle tables we supply stand at 30” from the ground. The standard plywood trestle tables require a tablecloth.

Top tip: The rustic tables are a good option for a different daytime/evening look, so table cloths on during the day, then whipped off for a more casual evening look or next day BBQ party vibe. 

Oval tables 

A lovely choice for a top table with the bridal party seated on one side and the ends of the oval as an alternative to a traditional trestle top table. It also is great as a large table placed centrally in the marquee, with all the other tables surrounding it.

The details

  • 14ft x 4ft plywood top – seats up to 14. This table can be made larger for more than 14 guests if required.

We recommend 4 x 130” round and 3 x 90 x 90” trestle cloths to cover the 14 x 4ft oval table, more required if the table is extended beyond 14 guests.

Consider the style

Your tables should complement the overall theme and decor of your wedding:

  • Rustic: Wooden tables, often left bare or with minimal decoration such as runners, create a relaxed atmosphere. Pair with greenery and simple, elegant place settings.
  • Elegant: Think white linens, fine china, and crystal glassware. Choose tables with sleek designs and consider adding luxurious touches like velvet runners or gold accents.
  • Modern: Opt for tables that require table cloths for clean lines with minimalist designs and keep decorations simple and sophisticated.

Personalise your tables

Make your dining tables uniquely yours by adding personal touches:

  • Custom or coloured/textured tablecloths or runners: Incorporate your wedding colors or patterns that hold special meaning
  • Centerpieces: Flowers, candles, lanterns, or even personal items that tell your love story like these table names


  • Place Settings: Individualised name cards, custom menus, or small favors at each place setting

Final thoughts

Choosing the right shape and size of dining tables for your marquee wedding can transform your space and elevate the guest experience. By considering the size, shape, style, and practicality, and adding personal touches, you can create a stunning setting that your guests will remember. Whether you opt for rustic wooden tables or elegant banquet setups, the perfect tables will help you realise your vision for your big day, but don’t forget, you can always mix it up and have a bit of everything!

If you’d like some advice on planning the ultimate marquee wedding is here or if you would like us to put together a 3D layout and proposal with your choice of furniture just for you then please get in touch.

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