For connecting marquees

Colonnades are covered walkways allowing your guests to move between marquees fully protected from the elements.

We often use them to connect the main marquee to a ceremony tent or to covered loos but also when a dining marquee and a dance tent need to be joined.

For bigger parties having two tents is a great way to retain a sense of intimacy in both and a particularly lovely feature of two tent combinations is the ability to create an enclosed, outdoor space in between.

Size & price

2 x 4m – £450

2 x 8m – £900

2 x 12m – £1,350

All prices include VAT.

Colonnades are modular, so each one can be connected to another to create a covered walkway of any length. To create a fully enclosed terrace in the space between two tents a pair of colonnades are run side by side.

The price includes clear walls which can be rolled up or removed altogether, as well as flooring and lighting.