Wedding marquees for hire

Wills wedding marquees are a firm favourite across the globe. Our flexible designs and approach enable us to set up in almost any location and are able to accommodate your wedding from start to finish, we love to provide a unique space for your big day

Made by hand by our own team of skilled tent makers, a Wills canvas and pole marquee is a magical space for a wedding. By day the natural properties of cotton canvas make for light, bright, airy interiors. As night falls the whole tent takes on a magic lantern glow as light radiates through the canopy, making it the ideal outdoor wedding venue.

Adapting to your own wedding theme

We understand that flexibility and the ability to personalise are vital elements of planning a wedding. That’s why we ensure our wedding marquees are versatile to suit your day. We can create beautiful spaces for dancing, eating, drinking and even for the ceremony itself.

Our wedding marquees are available in a range of sizes depending on the amount of guests you need to accommodate and if things change, we can change too! From 30 to 500 guests, we can help you choose the right fit for the day; ensuring everyone is dry and comfortable no matter what the weather for your outdoor wedding.

Decorating your wedding marquee

Now for the fun part! A big benefit to having a marquee wedding is that you can decorate the space exactly how you want it. We can help with this by supplying everything from flooring, lighting to floral accessories for your florists. We can deliver a beautiful oak top round bar, as well as various different types of table and chairs to fit your theme; including additional spacing for any caterers should you need it.

Wedding marquee FAQs

Why choose a marquee wedding?

There are many advantages to having a marquee wedding. For one, no two marquee weddings are ever the same .. each is a reflection not just of time and place but also the choices made by the couple and it is these choices which combine to make it unique.

Having full control of every aspect of the day with the ability to adjust and adapt as you go along makes a marquee wedding the most flexible venue possible.

Whether you choose at home in the garden, in a field on the farm or in the grounds of a stately home, the connection to the outdoors is one of the things that makes a marquee wedding so special.

The best parties live on for many years both in your memory and in the memories of your guests and your choices play a big part in contributing to the overall experience.

What kind of wedding marquee should I hire

One that fits! Our wedding marquees are all beautiful white canvas in style, but the important part is to pick a marquee that can accommodate the amount of people on your guest list. Read our specific marquee sizing guide here and get in touch with our friendly team of professionals for help with this.

What is the average cost of a wedding marquee?

Cost is dependent on what you need and don’t need with your wedding marquee. Flooring, tables & chairs, toilets and a bar usually come as standard, but some couples may need more or less when it comes to the extras. Learn more about our wedding marquee pricing here and for a bespoke quote, contact our wedding team.

What do you need to consider when hiring a wedding marquee?

Most couples tend to worry about the weather, but with a professional canvas marquee this really isn’t a problem. The main thing to consider is what type of space do you want. Do you need walkways between marquees? One large marquee? Outdoor seating? Having a marquee wedding gives you much more control over every element of the styling and decor. Why not read our styling guide here?