What’s the perfect marquee layout?

Looking for the perfect marquee layout? There are so many options and it can be confusing to know what’s best for you. We can help you plan your seating arrangements, dance floor, stage, and bar options using our 3D visualiser to virtually walk through your tent with everything true to scale to help you create the perfect event space. 

Generally speaking, what works well for the perfect marquee layout is to have the dining in one half of the marquee with dancing and the bar in the other. We know this works well from a functional point of view, but you can of course ring the changes with the dance floor in the middle of the marquee, particularly if space isn’t an issue.

Round Table Layout

Round tables are a classic choice for elegant and intimate gatherings. They can create a warm and inclusive atmosphere, encouraging conversations while allowing everyone to have a clear view of the marquee. They also offer a degree of flexibility for a seating plan as you can have different size round tables to accommodate a particular seating plan or add or remove a number of guests, without spoiling the overall look.

Top Tip: Round tables are more forgiving on uneven ground and can be spun on the spot until you find the best position.

Our amazing 3D visual layout tool

round tables layout

A beautiful round table marquee layout


Trestle Table Layout

When it comes to maximising seating capacity, trestle tables are a fantastic option. The marquee can be configured with multiple rows of trestle tables, creating a practical and spacious seating arrangement. This layout promotes social interaction and encourages guests to mingle, it’s also great if you’ve got sharing food boards!

Top Tip: For larger weddings make sure you add a break in the row for the caterers to move around more easily!

Of course, you don’t need to slavishly follow one or the other, why not mix it up!


Long rows of trestle tables shown in our 3D visualiser

Rustic trestle tables create an informal look


Top Table Options

Top tables serve as a focal point for the bride, groom, and their immediate families, allowing them to be seated in a prominent position. Not sure whether to have a top table? Or what sort of top table to have? It’s your day so do what feels best for you and your guests but there are a couple of popular choices:

Traditional trestle top table:
Trestle top tables offer a classic and traditional look, with their long and rectangular shape providing ample space for the wedding party along one side and a view out towards your marquee and guests.  They promote a sense of togetherness and allow for easy communication among the family members. They’re also a great focal point for the speeches!

Top Tip : Bear in mind that a standard trestle can only seat 3 to one side, so we recommend 3 trestles for a top table of 8 so that the bride and groom share the middle table and aren’t split across tables!


Rustic trestles for a traditional top table look

Oval top table:
Oval top tables create a more intimate atmosphere, ensuring that everyone feels closer to the bridal party. With seating along both sides, these tables also enable better eye contact and interaction between the newlyweds and their families, fostering a strong sense of connection and celebration, especially when placed centrally with the other guest tables surrounding you.

Large oval table to seat up to 14 guests

Of course, you don’t have to have a top table at all. If you’d like to blend in with your guests and encourage a more relaxed vibe, you can choose to seat yourselves and your bridal party at a round or trestle table. This choice over a traditional top table can create an inclusive wedding reception and allow you to seamlessly integrate with guests.

Dance Floors

Want to get your guests up dancing? Adding a dance floor to your marquee can elevate the ambiance of any event. Whether it’s a vibrant party or a romantic wedding reception, a designated dance floor is a must-have.

Our dance floors can be sized up or down depending on your marquee size, the number of guests and how much of a party space you’d like, giving you the best possible space for guests to show off their moves!

Usually our dance floors sit between the king poles, but we can also fit around a king pole if the space requires.

Stage Layout

Got a band, DJ, performer or want your speeches to take centre stage?
A raised stage with appropriate lighting and sound equipment not only enhances the visibility but also adds a professional touch to the event. The stage can be positioned at the far end of the marquee, behind the dance floor ensuring everyone has a clear view.

Top Tip: Our reveal curtains work well for concealing bands setting up during the day from your guests

Where should I put the bar in a marquee?

No event is complete without a well-stocked bar! Depending on the nature of your event and the available space, you can choose from various bar options and that will sometime dictate where it is best placed. In our experience, in general a bar works best when it is both near to the main guest entrance for the daytime and dance floor for the evening.

A popular choice is a round bar around any of the king poles or between them, they’re a great focal point for your guests’ arrival and into the evening, especially when you have evening guests who don’t have a table to go to. If you opt for a smaller semi circular crescent bar, then we find these are best against the ‘back’ wall of the marquee. 

For larger weddings, an oval bar sits well between two king poles.

Top Tip: The bar staff will need their own access as near to the bar as possible, so bear that they will need room to load their equipment into the marquee at the rear, as will the caterers.

We take pride in our flexible approach, so whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, we’ll work closely with you to customise the perfect space, ensuring that your event feels unique and tailored just for you. 

If you’d like some advice on planning the ultimate marquee wedding is here or if you would like us to cost a marquee wedding for you with all your finishing touches choices, then please do get in touch, we love chatting about all things weddings and are ready and waiting to put together a 3D layout and proposal just for you.

Images: Aaron Cheeseman, Joe Dodsworth, Photography34, James Green Studio, John Hope. Lucy Dennis

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