Marquee hire for exceptional occasions

Traditional canvas marquee hire Yorkshire

Every Wills marquee is designed and handmade by us here in Yorkshire.

Each piece of canvas, rope and wood is selected and crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail. We are proud to say that we believe there are no finer marquees in the world.

Whatever the occasion, the experience of choosing a Wills is a friendly and personal journey. We’ll work with you to translate your ideas into reality and to deliver a lifetime’s worth of magical memories.

Why Wills?

We are a family business with over a decade of experience in making and hiring the finest canvas marquees for weddings and outdoor events in Yorkshire. 

Alongside superb craftsmanship and the finest materials, you can expect friendly, expert, honest and speedy responses to ensure the most memorable of events.

If you’d like to see a pole and canvas marquee in the making, our HQ near York is well worth a visit and outside of Yorkshire, we have a network of hand picked certified providers across the UK.