Looking for a lifestyle business offering great returns?

Having established a successful network across the UK, we’re now looking to find a small number of international partners to supply their home markets.

We believe in local, which is why every Wills Certified Provider, is an independent business operating in their own, exclusive territory.

We don’t just work with existing marquee rental companies looking to extend their portfolio, we also work with industry newcomers and startups.

With or without an industry background, the reasons for choosing to partner with us are the same:


  • we make the finest traditional marquees money can buy
  • we offer unparalleled support with an exclusive territory
  • you can expect a high level of return on your investment

The perfect marriage of form and function

Handmade using a blend of traditional artisan skills and the best of modern technology, Wills marquees are made by us in Britain, near York. There is no substitute for coming in person to see a marquee but we have made a film Setting the Scene which we hope will help illustrate the quality of materials and workmanship that go into the making of each and every Wills.

Timelessly elegant, Wills marquees transcend fashion. Nonetheless, we remain committed to evolving the Collection by developing complementary products and driving brand awareness both in our home market and abroad.

    Financial reward

    Demand is driven by the growing reputation of the Wills brand and a recognition among those in the know, that there are no finer marquees anywhere. We have found that high demand linked to the exclusive rights to supply a region enables premium pricing which leads to high levels of return

    Return on investment – the purchase cost of any Wills marquee should be recouped in 5-6 rental bookings and as a marquee is always hired with additional items (furnishings, facilities, services), there is an opportunity for incremental or subcontract profit with each hire.


    We offer a level of support which is unique to our industry. In addition to the intangible benefits of the Wills brand umbrella, access to free advice and being part of a network that collaborates rather than competes, you can expect:

    • technical training (set up and demount)
    • documentation (compliance, safety, technical)
    • collateral (brochures, field guides)
    • input to product development marketing
    • support (social, web)

    For those contemplating a new venture, we know how rewarding it is to be your own boss. Having started from scratch ourselves, we also know how hard it is to get things going. So we are always on hand to provide practical advice (as much or as little as might be needed); we’ll help you build your business without dictating how.


    We feel most alive in the outdoors and we work in some of the most beautiful settings imaginable, many of which we would otherwise never have seen. On top of that, we love that what we do makes people happy.

    If this strikes a chord with you, then you may well have found your new calling!

    The next step

    If you’d like to explore things further, please get in touch.

    +44 (0)1423 339 915

    Wills Marquees Limited
    Grafton Grange
    Limebar Lane
    Marton Cum Grafton
    York YO51 9QQ


    Typical rentals over a five year Wills marquee lifespan0
    Turnover (£ GBP)0
    Gross Profit (£ GBP)0
    Average Wills marquee purchase cost (£ GBP) 0
    Average rental invoice (£ GBP)0
    Average gross margin (%)0
    Average rental gross profit (£GBP)0

    Number of rentals to recoup marquee purchase


    Typical first year

    Assuming a period of marketing prior to launch, we believe the following first year top line performance is achievable:

    Number of rentals0
    Turnover (£ GBP)0
    Rental gross profit (£ GBP)0

    A few words from our network of certified providers…

    “We spent a great deal of time researching the various marquees available in the market place – the traditional sailcloth canvas and pole marquees offered by Wills, quickly became our preferred choice.

    From our first call to Chris and Lynsey we had immediate rapport and on subsequent visits to the Wills HQ in Yorkshire, we were very impressed by the professionalism and technical skills of the design and manufacturing teams. Passionate and highly knowledgeable, they could not have been more welcoming and inspiring for us as a new business.

    We benefit immensely from the genuine and abundant business support given by Wills and by other certified providers in the network. Shared learning, pooled equipment and joint marketing collateral gave us an immediate credibility that hugely accelerated us becoming established.

    Finally and most importantly, our clients absolutely love the product!”


    – David Mair, elegantpitches.com

    “Having previously operated clearspan marquees, we took the decision to aim for the very top end of the wedding and party market and went looking for a marquee that would provide us with a point of difference. Wills instantly jumped out at us and after a couple of chats and emails, we were on our way to Wills HQ for an informal tour (and pub lunch!), followed a few days later by a day on-site with the team.

    From the moment we arrived we knew we had found what we were looking for. Craftsmanship, carefully sourced materials and the most beautiful marquees we’d ever seen. But the quality of the Wills brand runs much deeper, every member of the team is superb to work with, and the help and advice they give is priceless.”


    – Richard & Steve Hemmings, coveredbycanvas.co.uk

    “My ‘journey’ started when Terry (my better half) and I were on the hunt for the most perfect marquee for our wedding but as the only way to buy one was to start a business hiring them I called Wills and was invited to join the team setting up for an open day at Newby Hall. Rather informal for a business meeting I thought (which I loved).

    The marquees blew me away, everything slotted into place and I haven’t looked back. If you would like to chat to me about my experience, I would love to be able to help out just as other partners did for me (I had so many questions).”


    – Katharine Snowden, peacockandbow.co.uk